This page holds some pictures which weren't large enough for a full set or fit somewhere else. Sorry no thumbnails on most of these so I can keep this page fast!

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2001-04-13 Stinson's birthday and Alicia and Alyson come visit from Waco stinson3 stinson4 stinson5 stinson6 stinson7 stinson8
2001-04-01 Late Saturday night I had a little party at my place and managed to break some of my living room windows glass
2001-03-31 My favorite Guinness rep Kelly picked up some chicks at Fado gkelly01a gkelly02a gkelly04a
2001-03-08 A few pictures of Lindsay and Laci at Lucky Lounge. Where's Jefe? 1linds45a 1linds46a 1linds47a 1linds48a
2001-03-01 Ending the night at Aquarium on a Thursday with Josh, Mitch, Lindsay, and Erin along with some girls dancing on the bar for good measure aqua0043a aqua0044a
2001-02-27 Fat Tuesday on 6th street from Maria apt above Treasure Island, on the roof of Asave and Touche 2001_fat_tuesday1a 2001_fat_tuesday2a
2001-02-25 Hanging out on Sunday with Josh, Chad, and Roxy chad31a chad32a chad33a
2001-02-17 An odd sight on 6th street, a building driving down the street! outofplace1a outofplace2a
2001-02-15 drinking with the Guinness reps, later on with Lindsay and Laci taking shots with Matt at Whiskey Bar and see Josh at Logan's at the end of the night guinness82a guinness85a guinness86a guinness87a
2001-02-14 Robin and Kat give us a butt shot at Logan's robinkat_a
2000-10-11 Celebrating Shannon's last few days at iluvcamp on a Wednesday with Leslie and Paige at Cedar Street 1shan1 1shan2 1shan3
2000-10-07 Pics from the 2000 TX/OU game in Dallas with Nicole, Markus, and Leigh Ann. Thanks for the kick ass seats Jeff, many kegs for you! 2000txou1 2000txou2 2000txou3
2000-08-02 Pics from Louie's 106, Thank you Carl and Michael for a wonderful evening! louie002 louie006 louie008
2000-07-30 A picture of Arianne and Brent at my pad on 6th street ari_brent
2000-05-05 A few pics from a night out at the Blind Pig Pub with Mikey, Kalyn, Kristy, Cara, and Meredith bpig1 bpig2a bpig3
2000-04-14 A picture from when Kara McDwyer visited Austin with her friend Connie (Logan's) karamcd1
2000-04-08 Pics from Copper Tank with Rich and his rugby friends mellon01 mellon02
2000-04-08 A picture from 40 Acres Fest 40fest000
2000-03-31 Nicole's white trash party wtrash01 wtrash02 wtrash03 wtrash04 wtrash05 wtrash06
1999-11-27 Cedar Street with Mikey, Jason, Kelly, Trouble, Tina, Derek, Cindy, Marcello, and April cindy001 cindy002 cindy004 cindy005 cindy006
1999-11-20 Paradise with Mikey, Deva, Josh, his dad, Dave, Felice, and more paradise1 paradise3
1999-11-19 A few pictures from Shakespeare's with Rick, Paige, Audrey, Kim, and Richard audrey04 audrey05
1999-11-17 My co-workers at the Silicon Group (plus Debbie) when we rented a house boat for an evening. tsg00001 tsg00002 tsg00003 tsg00004 tsg00005 tsg00006
1999-11-10 Homebrewing! 1hbrew02 1hbrew03 1hbrew04 1hbrew05
1999-09-03 A few pics from Logan's with Jane and Dylana mlogan01 mlogan02 mlogan03 mlogan04
1999-08-28 A few shots from the Texas vs. NC State game 99season1 99season2
1999-07-20 Bombay Bicycle Club for karoake with Jane and Nicole bcycle04 bcycle05 bcycle06 bcycle08 bcycle10a
1999-07-12 Bill smacking up George's Eco-Chariot discoeco
1999-06-11 Laura's farewell party laurap1a laurap2a
1999-06-05 Harley's downtown and Shady Grove with Tina, Derek, Sean Reilly, Frank Fernandez, and Mike Klotz harley02a harley03a harley04a harley05a harley06a harley07a
1999-05-15 Fat Tuesday's for Heather's graduation htgrad1 htgrad3 htgrad4
1999-05-13 Arianne doing the limbo to try to win Bingo arianne1 arianne2 arianne4
1999-04-10 Kim's party in Sugar Land kimp0001 kimp0002 kimp0003 kimp0004
1999-02-25 Rick's wedding here in Austin ratzel01a ratzel02a ratzel04a ratzel05a ratzel07a

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