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[242] 03 Dec 2007, Chris [M] wrote: email web

Favorite Beer or Drink Beam and coke

[241] 03 Dec 2007, Stacy [F] wrote: email
What is going on?

Favorite Beer or Drink Marlot Wine Red wines

[240] 06 Nov 2007, J.T. [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Busch

[239] 16 Oct 2007, jd [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink miller

[238] 09 Sep 2007, ray forrest [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink mactarnahans ale

[237] 10 Aug 2007, Delia Gonzalez [F] wrote: email
I love the pics!
Can't wait to go back to Austin and hang out with you!
You're awesome!

[236] 10 May 2007, Bob [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Vodka Tonic

[235] 04 May 2007, Sonia [F] wrote: email
i want to make a kegorator, see how its done!

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light all the way!!

[234] 27 Apr 2007, muguman [F] wrote: email
i love this site

Favorite Beer or Drink coors light

[233] 05 Apr 2007, Semyon [M] wrote: email
Drink it all!

Favorite Beer or Drink Obolon!

[232] 30 Mar 2007, Phoebe [F] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink IPA

[231] 27 Mar 2007, Phillip [M] wrote: email web
i didnt know you went on a cruise - nice pix! lovely galvaston....

Favorite Beer or Drink texas beer

[230] 14 Mar 2007, mike [M] wrote: email
Hi all

[229] 11 Feb 2007, Kym [F] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink coors light

[228] 29 Jan 2007, todd [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Natty Ice

[227] 10 Dec 2006, Eldrick Gibbs [M] wrote: email web

Favorite Beer or Drink Apple Juice

[226] 07 Dec 2006, GANNON [M] wrote: email web

Favorite Beer or Drink dog fish head

[225] 30 Nov 2006, Robert [M] wrote: email web
Cool site. Good luck.

Favorite Beer or Drink Carlsberg

[224] 26 Nov 2006, Tomas [M] wrote: email web
Thanks for you hard work in compiling this super resource.

Favorite Beer or Drink Baltika and Vodka

[223] 22 Nov 2006, Leon [M] wrote: email web
Very great site.

Favorite Beer or Drink Faxe

[222] 20 Nov 2006, John F [M] wrote: email
Looking up kegerators and found your site.. MY GOD, I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOUR CREW! Great pics, Oh and thanks for the kegerator info. If in NYC, drop me a line, lots a good drink joints in our area. Should have Optimator on line and flowing.

Favorite Beer or Drink Spaten Optimator (this time of year)

[221] 19 Nov 2006, felicia [F] wrote: email
Rayfes is the MAN!!!

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light

[220] 12 Nov 2006, joe [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink bud

[219] 01 Oct 2006, downtown dan [M] wrote: email web
great site

Favorite Beer or Drink gin & tonic

[218] 16 Sep 2006, Susan [F] wrote: email

Yo Yo Susan Gunn in the hiz house. what have u been up to? Let's meet for a drinkie poo soon. Double fisted old school style with a side of wooooop!

Favorite Beer or Drink Dos XX

[217] 08 Sep 2006, Shack [M] wrote: email web
Great site. I found good information.

[216] 04 Sep 2006, Chris (CJ) Uecker [M] wrote: email
Just hangin out with Tina and checking out your pics. Havent seen you in a while. How have you been?

Favorite Beer or Drink Newcastle

[215] 06 Aug 2006, Uncle Lucius Band [M] wrote: email web
just checking out the new party pics. seems like your always adding them. right on.

Favorite Beer or Drink all of the above

[214] 01 Aug 2006, Terry [M] wrote: email web
Very informative website, I'll be sure to visit again.

Favorite Beer or Drink Beer

[213] 19 Jul 2006, Carolee [F] wrote: email
Hey Rayfes!! Miss you!


Favorite Beer or Drink Dos XX

[212] 29 Jun 2006, Desiree [F] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Cold beer

[211] 27 Jun 2006, bryan [M] wrote: email
Love your website. Keep up the great job on it. I had my picture on your site once when i was visiting my cousin dee.

Favorite Beer or Drink pepsi

[210] 16 Jun 2006, erik fink [M] wrote: email web
go rayfes go

Favorite Beer or Drink rolling rock

[209] 16 Jun 2006, Joe [M] wrote: email
Hey Rayfes! I'm the guy that yelled at you on Tues. 6/13/06 and told you I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! i was on my way to HH and i was like Holy sh** that's Rayfes. Well I'm born & raised in Austin (southside, Houseshoe lounge) and would Love to party with your crew! I work at the Capitol look me up! later..... ~v~

Favorite Beer or Drink Dark beer and anything @ a Tailgate!

[208] 09 Jun 2006, Lilah [F] wrote: email
Cool website!! Found an email from 2000 with this link. Nice to know you are still partying!!

Favorite Beer or Drink Anything sweet

[207] 12 Mar 2006, Scott "Whitey" White [M] wrote: email web
Hey just actuallying pissing off some of the day "surfing the net" Hope all is well. Let me know next time you are in Dallas.

Favorite Beer or Drink Beer! Is there something else?

[206] 11 Mar 2006, Bill [M] wrote: email web
Thanks for your activities!

Favorite Beer or Drink Bacardi Razz

Favorite Beer or Drink Beer

[205] 05 Mar 2006, Sunny [M] wrote: email web
YO-yoooooooo I am Gomer Simpson Yo ........

Favorite Beer or Drink My own BEER

[204] 03 Mar 2006, brett [M] wrote: email
what's up Rayfes
i'm in chicago
what's up wit you?

Favorite Beer or Drink beer

[203] 13 Jan 2006, Ryan Bach [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink triple

[202] 13 Jan 2006, Alex [M] wrote: email web
Thanks for your activities!

Favorite Beer or Drink Bacardi Razz

[201] 23 Dec 2005, Jane [M] wrote: email web
Very good site!

Favorite Beer or Drink bacardi

[200] 22 Dec 2005, Bryan Trail [M] wrote: email
I was doing a google search on my name and came accross this picture. Though not scientific, it seems as though there are only 3 Bryan Trail's in the USA. Kinda cool. I'd be interested in talking to the Trail folk n this photo. Please pass along my email if you can. Thanks!

Favorite Beer or Drink Rolling Rock

[199] 20 Dec 2005, Kegerators [M] wrote: email web
Fellow Longhorn here...I run two sites that might be of interest &

Keep up the good work!

Favorite Beer or Drink kegerator

[198] 16 Dec 2005, Allyson [F] wrote: email web

Favorite Beer or Drink bacardi

[197] 15 Dec 2005, Uncle Lucius Band [M] wrote: email web
hey enjoyed the party pics, great stuff.

Favorite Beer or Drink Lone Star Beer

[196] 05 Dec 2005, chris [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink mine

[195] 30 Nov 2005, Kasey [F] wrote: email
Nice Webpage Rayfes!

Favorite Beer or Drink Bacardi Razz, diet sprite, lime

[194] 29 Nov 2005, Ronnie Nieves [M] wrote: email
how come you travel so much ? and how can I get that job ? lol.. cool pics !

Favorite Beer or Drink Pepsi !

[193] 22 Nov 2005, Rob Markman [M] wrote: email
Happy Thanksgiving, Rayfes! Keep in touch, man.
CHS '92 rules!

Favorite Beer or Drink Shiner Bock

[192] 12 Nov 2005, Christina [F] wrote:
I had such a great time walking and drinking our way through New York! When you come this way again, we'll get Wendi and go to the oldest pub in the city for the tasty libations that are only offered with the choice of light or dark. Your visit was a fun celebration after midterms at Columbia! Wonderful to see you & take care!

Favorite Beer or Drink mandarin vodka & tonic

[191] 07 Oct 2005, Austin [M] wrote: email
Came across your site while looking up Kegerators. Nice job, love the pic's of the great looking girls!

Favorite Beer or Drink Free Beer!!!!

[190] 01 Oct 2005, nathan [M] wrote: email web
mmmmmmmmmmm beer

Favorite Beer or Drink kronembourg 1664

[189] 14 Sep 2005, Kristine [F] wrote: email
GREAT SITE! You need more pictures of me! Love ya!

Favorite Beer or Drink Petron Tequila or Red Bull/Vodka (can't

[188] 13 Sep 2005, ONYEOLU NWAGUY [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink weyerbacher

[187] 18 Aug 2005, timmy [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink weyerbacher

[186] 31 Jul 2005, Scott Partain [M] wrote: email
Great web page!! I was looking up kegerators and stumbled onto your site. I am a bartender/DJ in Michigan, if your ever out this way drop me a line, you seem like my kind of people!

Favorite Beer or Drink Michelob light, Corona, and Crown Royal

[185] 19 Jul 2005, Nate [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Capt. Morgan

[184] 09 Jul 2005, Howard Parks [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat

[183] 21 Jun 2005, shaun ramey [M] wrote: email
Loved the pictures! Great site. Look me up any time you come through Bama.

Favorite Beer or Drink crown & water / the high life (depends o

[182] 21 Jun 2005, maga [M] wrote: email web
very nice site.keep it up pleasee

Favorite Beer or Drink guinness

[181] 12 May 2005, alan [M] wrote: email
how do i get to the plans 4 kegorator?

Favorite Beer or Drink guinness

[180] 13 Apr 2005, Jason DeNeen [M] wrote: email
Say, give a brother a shout.

Favorite Beer or Drink I love any liquid that has alcohol in it

[179] 21 Mar 2005, scott [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink IPA

[178] 09 Mar 2005, Scott White [M] wrote: email web
Great pictures! I am glad you got to see Heather and Ryan. Was nice to see photos of a place I have never been. Looks like fun, any companies hiring over there
You can also check out photos of our son Ty at

Favorite Beer or Drink Guiness

[177] 09 Mar 2005, Sarah [F] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Michelob Ultra

[176] 21 Feb 2005, Erin [F] wrote: email
Nice Site!!

Favorite Beer or Drink Shiner / Purple Haze / Car Bombs!!!!

[175] 11 Feb 2005, Mo [M] wrote: email

[174] 08 Feb 2005, kate [F] wrote: email

[173] 31 Jan 2005, KIM [F] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink MALIBU AND PINEAPPLE

[172] 31 Jan 2005, jax [M] wrote: email

[171] 30 Jan 2005, shelbie [F] wrote: email
when i get to colloge i am going to go to texas a&m unvertiy. Gig'em Aggies Whoop BEat the hell out of texas

[170] 30 Jan 2005, matt milburn [M] wrote: email
There sure are some incriminating pics of me but, who cares we need to get a beer, soon! Call me when you get a chance!

Favorite Beer or Drink sierra nevada or madarin & soda

[169] 27 Jan 2005, Pam [F] wrote: email
Just checking things out while I have nothing to do.

Favorite Beer or Drink sex on the beach

[168] 10 Jan 2005, Frances [F] wrote: email
Your site is great. Btw, can I avail of the buddy passes? I have read in the internet that when I have a buddy pass, I pay between $200-$315 for the roundtrip airfare. But I need to get the buddy passes from the employee of an airline..Is it possible if I get some buddy passes? Thank you.

Favorite Beer or Drink Red Wine

[167] 02 Jan 2005, Gorav [M] wrote: email web
great job on the site, rayfes!

Favorite Beer or Drink Southern Comfort

[166] 26 Dec 2004, jax [M] wrote: email web
great aite, please visit mine too

Favorite Beer or Drink wine

[165] 23 Dec 2004, Paul Everman [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink HomeBrew

[164] 15 Nov 2004, Seaborn Campbell [M] wrote: email
I appreciate your site and your advise about how to build a kegerator.. My friend andI are going into the kegerator buisness. Buy an old fridge and a conversion kit for a mere $79.00. Total comes to maybe $150.00 total out of Pocket and go and sell the puppies for $400.00... Not a bad Profit.. Thanks again and Drink lots of BEER>>>

Favorite Beer or Drink Miller Light

[163] 04 Nov 2004, tim rossingol [M] wrote: email web
you damn right

Favorite Beer or Drink corona

[162] 01 Nov 2004, Mario Cancemi [M] wrote: email
Sweet photos of ya'll and the plane. I hope you guys had a good time here in Galveston. Thanks for lunch. Mario

Favorite Beer or Drink Whatever's Available

[161] 04 Sep 2004, Damien Lambert [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Dogbolter special dark lager

[160] 26 Aug 2004, Lewis [M] wrote: email web
I liked your kegerator so much it inspired me to build my own. Pictures are on my website.

Favorite Beer or Drink Vic Bitter

[159] 26 Jul 2004, Victor Diaz [M] wrote: email
Great work Rayfes. Party on...

Favorite Beer or Drink not sure yet

[158] 22 Jul 2004, John [M] wrote: email web
Thanks for this site,
congratulation and my best wishes!

[157] 21 Jul 2004, John [M] wrote: email
I'd like to build a kegerator using a dorm size half fridge. I'd like the tap to come out of the top but I've been told that this would be difficult because I would have to remove the internal freezer. Is this really that difficult. thanks.

Favorite Beer or Drink Bass Ale

[156] 02 Jul 2004, Chris Ewen [M] wrote: email
Bad ass parties in Austin... you're in inspiration to those of us who love throwing great parties but keep putting it off... got to do it this summa!


Favorite Beer or Drink Mojito

[155] 21 May 2004, Breanna [F] wrote: email
Great site! Love your car.

[154] 17 May 2004, Cathy [F] wrote: email
Awesome site.

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud

[153] 30 Apr 2004, Penn Elmore [M] wrote: email
I've been here before but didn't notice you are from texas. I looked up some stuff saw that you came to Tech! I was at the same game that you have on there. I hope you liked it here, and I dig your site.

Favorite Beer or Drink Youngs Double Chocolate Stout Clone (My

[152] 19 Apr 2004, matthew chamberlain [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink miller

[151] 16 Apr 2004, phil [M] wrote: email
im lookin for instructions on how to build a kegerator, can u help me?

Favorite Beer or Drink bud

[150] 16 Apr 2004, Seamus [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Sam Adams Summer Seasonal

[149] 02 Apr 2004, dwyero [M] wrote: email web
hello from ireland, deadly site n photos! In drink We trust!

Favorite Beer or Drink Guinness

[148] 24 Mar 2004, Sweet Lew [M] wrote: email
I was searching to see if 219 had a website, and yours came up!

Favorite Beer or Drink any body shot...

[147] 08 Mar 2004, torrence [M] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink cold

[146] 02 Mar 2004, Girish [M] wrote: email web
i found you on google... very well done, rayfes!

Favorite Beer or Drink sex on the beach

[145] 25 Feb 2004, Michele [F] wrote:
Hey Rayfes! I like the after hours Mardi Gras pics. We look like we are having muchos good times.

Favorite Beer or Drink many favorites

[144] 19 Feb 2004, Susan [F] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink cold

[143] 14 Feb 2004, Chuka Schneider [M] wrote: email web
Hi Rayfes... hope its all good...!

Favorite Beer or Drink 7&7

[142] 12 Feb 2004, jason [M] wrote: email
Hey great site, but how some links ask for a username and password wen I click on them? Can I get access to check them out?

Favorite Beer or Drink hefeweisen

[141] 11 Feb 2004, bruce [M] wrote: email
great site mgbada

[140] 07 Feb 2004, william wallace [M] wrote: email
I AM william wallace.

Favorite Beer or Drink miller light

[139] 17 Jan 2004, Denny G [] wrote: email web
Great site,Like what you did, wish I could do the same. Looks like you have alot of friends,thats what free beer brings Best of luck.

Favorite Beer or Drink ICE COLD What ever

[138] 12 Jan 2004, Dan M. [] wrote: email
YO! Just checking out your site..came here for instructions to build a kegorator, but got lost in all of the cool party pics! Looks like a lot of fun...keep it goin. Looks like I'll probably buy a pre-made fridge because of size restraints.

Favorite Beer or Drink Anheuser-Busch products

[137] 11 Oct 2003, Don [] wrote: email
Rayfes, I don't know whether you are on the Austin Chamber of commerce payroll, but dude you ought to be because everytime I look at your pix I just feel like packing up and moving to Austin so I can lead a fun and adventurous life just like you do. Your photography is a fantastic gimmick and I bet you get laid like a rock star!

Favorite Beer or Drink Hamm's

[136] 16 Sep 2003, Ron [] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Southern Comfort

[135] 14 Sep 2003, Ron friend of KINGFISH and now the Austi [] wrote:
Had a great time this weekend...You guys ROCK!!!!

Favorite Beer or Drink CAR BOMB!!!

[134] 19 Aug 2003, [] wrote: web
Nice website! Greetings from Kenya!

[133] 07 Aug 2003, RipperZ [] wrote: web
Nice site, you've GOT to get some (not all) of those women to pose naked

Favorite Beer or Drink Franziskaner & Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

[132] 21 Jul 2003, Mike [] wrote: email
Cool site, found your site while searching for destructions on how to convert a box freezer into a kegerator. I have it all set up (including a full keg) but don't have the 3rd party temp regulator yet Needless to say, the beer's gett'n warm

Favorite Beer or Drink Natural Light 'cause it's cheap!

[131] 19 Jul 2003, Katharine [] wrote: email
Hiya Rayfes. Love the page. Hopefully you can fenagle some pictures from the Pub Waddle. Katharine

Favorite Beer or Drink Crown and water tall with two lemons

[130] 10 Jun 2003, dog8mybag [] wrote: web
hey i really like the search. I guess now i will have to start remembering all of the babes names in your site. thats a lot to remember. I was just doing my weekly ritual surf to check out the new pics. Hope everything is the utmost coolest on your end. Live for today. Peace.

Favorite Beer or Drink Lone Star Beer

[129] 12 May 2003, Elvis [] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink Lone Star

[128] 12 Mar 2003, Jan [] wrote: web
Love this site!!! A friend and I are visiting this weekend and this really helps!

Favorite Beer or Drink apple martini

[127] 14 Jan 2003, Alyson Simms [] wrote: email
Now I know where to go for cheap beer every night of the week!

Favorite Beer or Drink Where should I start?

[126] 28 Dec 2002, Rico [] wrote:
Awesome site! Your kegerators are genius.

Favorite Beer or Drink Newcastle

[125] 11 Dec 2002, shanae [] wrote:
who is that hot chic in the yellow swimsuit??????

Favorite Beer or Drink a case of the clap as long as it's cold

[124] 03 Dec 2002, B. Kinnaird [] wrote: email web
Hey man. Found your website. I built a few kegerators while I was in college(Unc-CH 2001, CompSci) and I'm thinking about building some more during grad school. Just wanted to say 'rock on' to anybody who builds their own. My next will be custom painted (flip paint maybe, or dipped in chrome even). A shrine to the beer gods in other words. Just to share the wealth, since you are from a tech-type background, I had an idea that will likely never be implemented. It goes as follows: Assume that every beer drafted from a keg is a 16oz beer (not likely, but ok). In the bottom of your kegerator, install a digital scale, set to read in pounds. Re-direct the output screen (via some simple wiring) to the OUTSIDE of the kegerator. Since each beer drafted equals one pound, the output acts as a beers-left-counter. You would have to tare the empty keg to the scale, or just remember how many beers an empty keg "weighs". Just a thought...

Favorite Beer or Drink Irish Car Bomb

[123] 18 Nov 2002, shaminda kulasinghe [] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink coca cola

[122] 14 Nov 2002, Jessica Mosier [] wrote: email

[121] 05 Nov 2002, Michael (Stix ) Tashnick [] wrote: email
Word... Your website is cool. Call me and lets go have a beer.

Favorite Beer or Drink XX Special Lager.

[120] 05 Nov 2002, Brad Howes [] wrote: email

Favorite Beer or Drink bud light/greygoose,7up and lime

[119] 25 Sep 2002, David [] wrote: email web
I was just surfing around, found the keg stuff, and just thought I'd sign in. Thanks for the help my kegerator is working fine.

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Lite

[118] 17 Sep 2002, Dog8mybag [] wrote: web
I just added a link to you from my newest site and was just making sure it worked. I want to show the world the great austin pics you have. I need some boat party pics if you ever have any extras to contribute. Enjoyed the new pics i havent seen. Live 4 2day

Favorite Beer or Drink Im a genuine bud man

[117] 16 Sep 2002, [] wrote: email
Nice pictures!! Check out some pictures on my friends homepage: Many party pictures!!

Favorite Beer or Drink Smirnof Ice and Bud

[116] 11 Sep 2002, Edward Lance [] wrote: web
Excellent site

[115] 10 Sep 2002, JARED [] wrote: email
Just like to know where you found a new 15 cu ft chest freezer for $250?

Favorite Beer or Drink Stone IPA

[114] 02 Sep 2002, Chrisanne C. [] wrote: email
Rayfes, Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for being so sweet and for you, Michael, Damian, and Aganta for making my last weekend in Austin such a blast. Please keep in touch, all of you ! Best wishes, Chrisanne

Favorite Beer or Drink I don't know, maybe a Stoli Seabreeze

[113] 19 Aug 2002, Ray Fairgrieve [] wrote: email
Love your web-page. I have been wanting to buy a kegerator but I am a cheap &%*(#$& and refuse to pay thier asking price. I love the idea of side-by-side to keep my mugs cold as well. If I follow through I will send you some digital photos

Favorite Beer or Drink Killian's Irish

[112] 10 Aug 2002, Suzanne Buchanan (Bullard) [] wrote: email
Rayfus, thanks you so much for all of the pictures from the reunion. They are great. Love, Suzanne P.S. I am in the first picture posted with Mila.

[111] 19 May 2002, Karen Green [] wrote: email
Cool site! Is anyone free to contribute?

Favorite Beer or Drink Boddingtons or a Grey Goose martini

[110] 14 May 2002, Todd Kramer [] wrote: email web
Rayfe rules! I love you, man!!

Favorite Beer or Drink Tequila

[109] 24 Apr 2002, Gustavo Gomez [] wrote: email


[108] 22 Apr 2002, Jose [] wrote: email
Cool site dude!!! Surfed in from your car stereo page. Keep enjoying life!!! This is from a 48 year old who enjoys his free time.

Favorite Beer or Drink Beer? Where!!!

[107] 16 Apr 2002, stu dailey [] wrote: email
hey man!! great website i was looking to buy a kegerator but i think im gonna just make my own thanks to your help. thnks again stu

Favorite Beer or Drink bodingtons ale

[106] 16 Apr 2002, Jacob Moreau [] wrote: email
I'm throwing a party this weekend and wanted to have a kegerator. After viewing your site I have built a pretty good setup. thanx

Favorite Beer or Drink Kaltenberg - (Barvarian beer)

[105] 08 Apr 2002, Jeremy [] wrote: email
I realize you probably get lots of hits, however, if you have some in-depth instructions for construction of the kegerator, I'd appreciate a copy.

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light, Bud Light, Bud Light...

[104] 21 Mar 2002, sean townsend [] wrote: email
thanks a lot, used your page as a starter to build my own kegerator.. first keg went in a week.. the second in 2 hours....

Favorite Beer or Drink yuengling( its an east coast thing)

[103] 16 Mar 2002, Dave Allen [] wrote: email
Thank you very much I was just debating If the price of a kegerator was worth it and also thought about the freezer Idea. This is exactly what I am going to do. Once again thank you

Favorite Beer or Drink Bush

[102] 22 Feb 2002, Deryk Jeter [] wrote: email
We just came across a fridge a friend wanted to toss and my wife and I knew I had to be our kegerator. Thanks for all the great specs.

Favorite Beer or Drink Sawtooth Ale from Lefthand Brewco.

[101] 14 Feb 2002, Ron Spicer [] wrote: email
I think it's great that you document your parties and such. It'll definately give you something to look back on. I only wish I had done that in college:) *thanks for putting up the kegerator info*

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light

[100] 12 Feb 2002, AARON GARCIA [] wrote: email
I like the Pics of your parties, and I like drink beer too.

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light & INDIO

[99] 31 Jan 2002, Mark Simkiss [] wrote: email web
I copied the 2 keg chest freezer conversion plan... better than copying the answers to the final exam.

Favorite Beer or Drink Victory Extra Special Bitter (Local)

[98] 29 Jan 2002, Dog8mybag [] wrote: email web
I must have stayed here for an hour. Nice pics. Had a blast checking them out. I am looking for local flavor. Feel free to submit some pics. Hook em.

Favorite Beer or Drink Im a genuine bud man

[97] 14 Jan 2002, Alan [] wrote: email
Nice pad! I'm looking to build a kegerator for my new place and found your info to be very helpful, thanks...

Favorite Beer or Drink Red Stripe

[96] 01 Nov 2001, Jeff Kuykendall [] wrote: email web
Your information on kegerators has proved to be very helpful. You are a pretty cool dude, even if you are a longhorn! Gig 'em Aggies!

Favorite Beer or Drink Shiner, Bass Ale

[95] 26 Oct 2001, Chris Gilbert [] wrote: email
Thanks for the good info on Kegerators! Now I have to build mine!

Favorite Beer or Drink Guiness

[94] 18 Oct 2001, Brian [] wrote: email
I would have to say that your website was very informative. I am looking into building a kegerator and your website has helped out tremendously. Thanks

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light and Michelob Light

[93] 28 Aug 2001, Barry Stanley [] wrote: email
I found your site while looking for info about kegerators. Just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I too,would like to build a kegerator and a bar for my home. I'm thinking of making the kegerator from a freezer like yours. I'm also toying with the idea of adhereing a 1/4 inch cabinet grade plywood to the freezer, staining it and actually have the kegerator made to look like a bar. Then it could function as both at my parties. What do you think ? I would like to contact you again once I get all of my materials. Thanks again.

Favorite Beer or Drink Shiner Bock, Warsteiner, & Durango Wheat

[92] 17 Aug 2001, bryan [] wrote: email
Hi rayfes its bryan,Dee cousin thanks for putting my picture on your site and keep up the great job on the site. It was great meeting you. Thanks again.

[91] 24 Jul 2001, Lisa Zablosky [] wrote: email
I just moved from Austin and didn't get to say Good Bye to alot of my party buddies. So I'll be cheking your site to keep in touch. BYE to the Star Canyon crowd and to the Sky Who's who!

Favorite Beer or Drink Crown & 7

[90] 09 Jul 2001, Kristi [] wrote: email
Nice pictures Rayfes. It's been fun hangin out with you and your crew.

Favorite Beer or Drink Any shot will do

[89] 02 Jul 2001, Monet [] wrote: email web
Great site and cool pix! Wish I could be at one of your parties Keep enjoying life!

Favorite Beer or Drink Miller Lite

[88] 16 Jun 2001, Roger Valtr [] wrote: email
Thanks for the photos I will definatly be modeling my kegerator from the descriptions you've given on this site. Thanks also for the suppliers that I will purchase the supplies from. This site has been an excellent resource for my upcoming project, I appreciate it. RV

Favorite Beer or Drink Shiner Bock

[87] 15 Jun 2001, clarence [] wrote: email
what's up man. long time no see. C

Favorite Beer or Drink belvedere rocks

[86] 10 Jun 2001, Coy Harris [] wrote: email
Just checking out your site Rayfes.

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud

[85] 29 May 2001, alexander [] wrote: email
bla bla bla i wanna join and work with photos

Favorite Beer or Drink wiskey

[84] 29 May 2001, Chip [] wrote: email
Was looking for info on kegerators...i'm looking to build one. Great idea using the freezer. Great site!!

Favorite Beer or Drink Labatt Blue

[83] 21 May 2001, Kay Jump [] wrote: email
i love these web pages of cancun.if you can and will please send me some pics of beautiful sites of cancun!Thanx! sincerely, kay

Favorite Beer or Drink several kinds

[82] 18 May 2001, Shawn [] wrote: email web
Dude, kick ass site. Thanks for the car audio tips. And some good looking parties you throw. I'm moving to Austin!!! I hear it is a nice place anyway. Ha ha ha. Take care, Shawn

Favorite Beer or Drink Warstiener Beer, Chambord Margaritas

[81] 02 May 2001, doug [] wrote: email
linked to your page from car audio information. found the audio info very helpful. wanted to say, that is a f**kin insane house you hottub'd in! do all texans live so well? i am a recent grad (bs EE also). maybe i ought to find a job down by you, then buy a friggin house like that!

Favorite Beer or Drink guiness & newcastle

[80] 28 Apr 2001, DYLANA :) [] wrote:
All this time i thought i was the only one with that name.....but i have to admit our name is cool....

Favorite Beer or Drink Bud Light Tequila

[79] 02 Aug 2000, timbo [] wrote:


[78] 06 Jul 2000, sab [] wrote:
Hey little bro! Cool website _ You have obviously put a lot of thought into this and a lot of time. But kegerators?! You must have too much free time . .Sab

[77] 05 Jul 2000, john [] wrote: email
cool website. you know some HOT-ASS girlz!!!!!

[76] 04 Jul 2000, Art [] wrote: email
neat website

[75] 20 Jun 2000, HENZOW [] wrote: email

[74] 17 Jun 2000, helen faulkner (mother) [] wrote: email
You have wonderful friends in all kinds of places...remember I love you.......mother

[73] 14 May 2000, DAN PECKHAM [] wrote: email

[72] 07 May 2000, RayRay [] wrote: email web
Austin rocks but check out my photos from Atlanta may 2000

[71] 05 May 2000, Clara and Shawn [] wrote:
Great Site! We're more than likely gonna be building our kagerator this summer now that we have our house w/ the yard for those great parties!

[70] 12 Apr 2000, Kyle [] wrote: email
You parties look like they kick ass. kinda like the ones i through up here! You guys know how to party!

[69] 10 Apr 2000, Trevor [] wrote: email
Dylana looks damned hot! Shes deffinately someone I'd love to meet at a party!

[68] 31 Mar 2000, Shawn House(aka:chickenman) [] wrote: email
Looks like you enjoyed yourself Bro Jo Do Jo. Still drinking that beer I see. I loved the pictures it was good to see you again. Hopefully I'll come to Texas soon until then Take Care Shawn

[67] 28 Mar 2000, Paris Sunio [] wrote: email
Hey Rayfes!!!!! I love the web page man!!! Next time I head to Austin we need to hook up!!!

[66] 22 Mar 2000, Chuck & Lisa Dreyfus [] wrote:
I liked the keg pics. I am about to build one myself and you gave some helpful tips. Thanks CD.

[65] 10 Mar 2000, Pauleno [] wrote: email
Mano: You have a very nice website, guy!. It really looks like that you have a lot of fun in your life with your circle of (good?) friends and that you are an authentic person who is not ruled by the whims of others. Always be the free spirit that you come across as in your pages and enjoy life as if everyday was your last. You have my admiration. Truly, I hope you find that special one to share the journey of this existence with.

[64] 01 Feb 2000, YYZWS6TA [] wrote: email web
Nice page, nice car, nice Kegerator!!!!

[63] 23 Jan 2000, jon large [] wrote: email
What is the link to Is it a pay site, (Duh) I think so. For What site?? Please let me know. Who is the brunett?She is a real Knock out! Is the pay site hers??? How old is she??

[62] 19 Jan 2000, Diana de la Rosa [] wrote:
Hey Rayfes!!! Just checked out your Kegerator page. Too cool! Just thought I'd say Hi! Let me know when the next party is commencing so I can partake of its fruit.

[61] 13 Jan 2000, Timothy Brewington [] wrote: email
My sister lives in Austin, she is a manager for kinkos, Ill be down soon to check out the hot babes and bars,looks like you got it going on, maybe I will run into you down there. I would like to come to one of your parties and get a little of that Texas hospitality from your female freinds? Im an airline employee so its nothing to hop down there, tell the gals I get buddy passes to anywhere in the world. Well gotta go, killer web page-I could learn alot from you, later. Thanks, Tim

[60] 18 Dec 1999, Antonio [] wrote: web
any info that you can pass down to me would be very appreciated. just need a little help getting my car back to looking good and ready for the highway.

[59] 15 Dec 1999, Angelo [] wrote: email
u r a fag and da chickjs on this page are dirty!!! No good info on audio systems!!!

[58] 07 Dec 1999, Jason [] wrote: email
This is the best site I've been too, since I got my computer. It is hilarious. I can relate, because I too have a kegerator. It rules.

[57] 22 Nov 1999, Supermonkey [] wrote: email
Mike Walter told me about your site. I used to work with him in Houston. I can't believe all the cool stuff you have on your page. By the way if you read this Mikey what the hell happened to your hair? I mean come on bro you almost look like you could be a spice boy... Vanilla Spice? Anyway it was good to see an old friend havin good times with new friends. Drop a line sometime

[56] 07 Nov 1999, Jason [] wrote: email
Well Anna told me I had to look up your site and check the Halloween pics. so here I am. Thought I would drop you a line and let you know I am pretty impressed. Shes a HOTTY!!=P Any way drop me a line and tell me whats up up with all of the bad ass parties.

[55] 20 Oct 1999, kristin millar!! [] wrote: email
hello!! i was abit bored today so i went on the net. my friend was telling me today that she had a page about her name so i thought i might try!! and her i am!! anyway i as just writing to say that my name is KRISTIN MILLAR!!I thought kit was so werid that someone has the same name as me.. no-one even has my first or last nname in common!! yes, i am 15 and live

[54] 05 Oct 1999, matt. brindley [] wrote: email
its wicked, love the chicks

[53] 29 Sep 1999, Kerri Milam [] wrote: email
Word up!

[52] 23 Sep 1999, ThePogue [] wrote: email
well i was just looking for some information on car audio "stuff" and ended up going to all the parties you've had and damn...I need a drink BAD!!! (i'm a firefighter and i'm on duty now...shit!) but as a dedicated Sam Adam's kinda person i'll have one first thing in the morning...hmmmm....bout 7:30ish Thanks for inviting me (hmmm i guess i was invited??) but anyways next time you have a kegger get a "Pogues" CD and put i lil Irish Arse Kicking Music into the mix...i assure you you get a response!!! good/bad/or otherwise!!! Cool Site thanks again!!! ThePogue

[51] 23 Sep 1999, Campbell [] wrote:
Just getting car stereo advice but went to a party instead. Now that I'm drunk, where does the red wire go? Cheers--

[50] 03 Aug 1999, COR [] wrote: email
cool web pages got a lot of info about car stereos thanx

[49] 01 Aug 1999, Peter Schulze [] wrote: email web
See my Homepage"Kegerator" from Addison's Oktoberfest!!

[48] 29 Jul 1999, Dave Hart [] wrote: email
Hi Rayfes, Great idea posting all those pictures of friends and parties. It was a definite inspiration in getting me to post our party pics up on: Check the site out to see what kind of partying we do in Nova Scotia. Regards Dave

[47] 23 Jul 1999, erick westerholm [] wrote: email
hey man, really cool page, I am trying to build a kegarator and I found yours. If you could please, email me so I can ask you some questions I have. I really enjoyed your page. Thanks!

[46] 08 Jul 1999, TJ [] wrote: email
Got some ?'s about the fridge! Tried your e- link but no go. please drop a line so i can write you back! Thanks! tj

[45] 04 Jul 1999, Paige [] wrote: email
Rayfes, where are the wedding pics of rick and i?! i thought you put them up? : )

[44] 24 Jun 1999, Steve Lacker [] wrote:
Thanks for putting up the pictures of the Sunshine Kids rally. I was driving the big white '66 Dodge hardtop. Next time, maybe I'll have my '69 Coronet convertible together. I had both heads off getting some re-work done when I found out about this rally. Later!

[43] 23 Jun 1999, Scott [] wrote: email

[42] 21 Jun 1999, Andy Adamez [] wrote: email web
I was driving the red camaro with the high spoiler during the sunshine kids benefit. I am a friend of, and also, work with Micheal Marr.

[41] 16 Jun 1999, Gary Lambott [] wrote: email web
Thanks for the photos. I must have been lucky to have been invited. Thanks again, Gary.

[40] 31 May 1999, Sean Baudat [] wrote: email
Hey man, I was looking up some Clements stuff and to my suprise, found you. By the way...nice picture of me completly shit faced. Like the web page, be cool, Sean

[39] 06 Apr 1999, Stuart the Maniac [] wrote: email web
Hi! Nice page you have here! See ya!

[38] 30 Mar 1999, Luis [] wrote: email
What's up man, I was just checking out some pics on the web because I'm planning on buying a firebird. I love the way your car looks. It's fu--in' cool.

[37] 27 Mar 1999, Juls [] wrote: email
I want to thank you again for a really great time while staying at your place last weekend. You are an awesome host. Let us know when you want to come to Dallas and we'll take care of ya!! Aurelio says "What's Up?".

[36] 25 Mar 1999, Roger Hahn [] wrote: email web
Hello Ray, My name is Roger Hahn. I'm with Smokey's Auto Sound. What we are is an on-line retailer of car audio products. We have just recently finished our site and are now ready to let the world know we are here. We would like to know if we could establish a realtionship between our site and yours. In order to consider our proposal please viist our site at and let us know what you think. thank you, Sincerely Roger Hahn (VP)

[35] 23 Mar 1999, Shellie Stewart [] wrote: email
Rayfes, I like the pictures! Can't wait to make more in Austin! Shellie

[34] 08 Mar 1999, jason ray [] wrote: email
good site, I am stationed over in saudi now. No beer or liquor allowed in the country. Its good to know someone is still enjoying the beverages.

[33] 16 Feb 1999, Christian Erickson [] wrote: email
Rayfes - What a great site. I knew you hung out with some good looking girls but I did not realize the extent!! Also, let everyone know that my druken pose is just that; I am not an alcoholic, I am not..Really enjoyed the views!Lots of fun. Thanks

[32] 03 Feb 1999, Kerri Milam [] wrote: email
Keep me posted on upcoming parties! Let's do it again!

[31] 28 Jan 1999, Patton Dickson [] wrote: email web
Just checking to see the pic of my wife (Melia) on your site to make sure she didn't have TOO good of a time at your place!!! Just kidding!!!

[30] 28 Jan 1999, Sheri [] wrote: email
Hey Rayfes!! Love the pics! Thanks for letting us stay at your house last weekend! I promise that the next time we come down there I will not be sick !!!

[29] 27 Jan 1999, Chris Denman [] wrote:
Cool site Rayfes! I'm hoping to catch your next party.

[28] 25 Jan 1999, MARY [] wrote: email

[27] 19 Jan 1999, Evan Mangan [] wrote: email
Hey: I just wanted to say first of all, nice car!! Pontiacs rule!! I'm only 18, so i cant afford a trans am yet, but i do have a white 91 grand prix. It's kind of hard to keep white in the snow. Also, i thought your system was pretty decent. Nice page, nicer car, and nice stereo.

[26] 05 Jan 1999, Sara [] wrote:
Hey Rayfes, I met you at the New Year's eve party in at the Plaza....we walked in rather late, so you probably don't remember! You're pictures are great!! Makes me glad I drove in from Jxn! Take care! Sara

[25] 23 Nov 1998, Karia Davenport [] wrote: email
This is Karia. I cannot believe Tony is the Wing King!! Kathleen forwarded the link to me. Let me know how you are and let's keep in touch! Awesome websight. Take care

[24] 22 Nov 1998, The Def Baron [] wrote: email web
Jeez, are you rich or something? If you started out with nothing, and now you have lots of parties, a house, a Trans Am, that much beer, a digital camera, and enough time to build web pages for that many pictures (I know how long it takes with HTML!), all I have to say is: YOU DA MAN! But if you're rich, well, you should invest in something besides beer and parties. (Unless you're Bill Gates' son!)

[23] 15 Nov 1998, Sidd [] wrote: email web
Hey rapist uh! Rayfes that's a cool page. Love the car stereo and your digital camera pix

[22] 25 Oct 1998, byte [] wrote: email web
The things they do with beer...hmmmmmmmm 24 hours in a day...24 cans in a case...coincidence? I think not! Don't forget to send some FREE postcards at.... ...hosted by...

[21] 20 Oct 1998, Saul [] wrote: email
Hey Rayfes you did a great job on the page. I'll be sure to drop in to catch the new pics. I only had one problem with the page....NOT ENOUGH PICTURES OF ME! The women of America need to know who I am. See ya the next time I'm in Austin. Say Hi to the gang for me. Over and Out. **SAUL**

[20] 27 Sep 1998, Felicia [] wrote: email web
Hey if we are ever in TX we would love to party with you guys!

[19] 14 Sep 1998, Deva Serene Fleming [] wrote: email
Rayfes' Web Page rocks! As long as he doesn't put up any naked pictures - we can't have any scandels!!!

[18] 13 Sep 1998, Paul [] wrote: email
Surfed in looking for info on car stereos - really helpful info, thanks. Watch the drinking, mate. You sound like you have a drink problem! (I know, I know, "I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. No problem"). Cheers!

[17] 13 Sep 1998, Robin [] wrote: email
It was great meeting you on Saturday at the County Line. I had a wonderful time. After seeing your pics I was sorry I missed the party. I did hear there's another one coming up in a couple of weeks though, let me know!!!

[16] 09 Sep 1998, ALEJANDRO MENDOZA [] wrote: email

[15] 07 Sep 1998, Adam [] wrote: email
Life is on!

[14] 10 Aug 1998, BustyGirls [] wrote: web
Hey..kewl page!...We just started ours...Love the car and what you did with it!W'ell definately be back again! Peace from The Bustys!

[13] 06 Aug 1998, ryan [] wrote: email
Your shit isn't all that.I've seen better shit

[12] 18 Jul 1998, Justin [] wrote: email
Hey Rayfes, do I really flick the camera off that much???

[11] 22 Apr 1998, Heidi [] wrote: email
Hi, enjoyed your site! You look like a busy guy. You're in College right? What are you majoring in? Are you a med student? Looks like you have a great group-o-friends. Have fun!! Heidi p.s. I like the little guy that pees on Ford...

[10] 21 Apr 1998, William Roughia Jr. [] wrote: email
Hey man Thier is a lot of helpful info for starters. I was going to do the same thing but have not had time. But i found it interesting so keep up the good work e-mail me soe time and i will tell u about my stereo Bill

[9] 05 Apr 1998, Jami [] wrote: email
Hey Beerman! Very cool web page!A 24/F I refuse to grow up myself! Hmmmm....could you possibly be having a birthday bash at the moment?...I noticed it is your b-day today, so let me be the first guest to say.... "HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!" on!!!...I'll be back to check for those new pic.!!

[8] 12 Mar 1998, Phil Lewis [] wrote: email
pretty damn cool rayfes

[7] 21 Feb 1998, Inayat Nahvi [] wrote: email
Rayfes, What's Up? This is Inayat, CHS, Class of '92, UT Class of '97. Nice pictures, nice parties, nice website! Get in touch soon Inayat

[6] 21 Feb 1998, GREG SMITH [] wrote:

[5] 27 Jan 1998, Anne [] wrote: email web
I discovered your page via the World Alumni Net. I grew up in Sugar Land and attended WPCHS until '85, when I moved to Dallas and graduated in '87. I enjoyed looking at some of your pictures. Nice car - I have a Firebird myself. Great Halloween costume - seems so, so YOU! Peace!

[4] 07 Jan 1998, Jennifer Halvorson [] wrote: email
Hey! What's going on? Just came across your web site, and thought it was pretty neat! I see that you like to drink beer, well so do I believe it or not up here in ND!Later---Jenn

[3] 26 Dec 1997, Kristin Millar [] wrote: email
Hey! Love the pics!

[2] 10 Dec 1997, glenn [] wrote: email
hey man the site is cool and your help is great ive gotta a 86 camaro and im going to hook it up.i was looking for ideas on a custom box for the hatch area and your help was highly last thing tell gayla i think she is gorgeous.stay cool and party till ya puke

[1] 12 Nov 1997, Shaheen Javadizadeh [] wrote: email
You have a great informative site. It looks like you guy know how to party. If your in LA look me up and we will roll. I usually have a part every three weeks.

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