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winter boating, SXSW, helping mom get the garden ready for spring, day trip to Lockhart, goodbye to the lakehouse, St Patricks Day, 1st quarter 2024 (28 views)
Q4 2023, winter lake days, UT games, UT volleyball national championship, my place in Fredericksburg, my place in Mexico (66 views)
Eddie Vs for bdays, whisky at the new Trulucks, biking the trail, pool parties, tailgating, Q3 2023 (87 views)
First visit to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico was great. Such a beautiful state. Easy 2 hour flight on JSX. Will definitely go back again soon and nice to run into friends. August 2023 (53 views)
Wonderful trip to Munich, Germany, Prague, Czech Republic, and Salzburg, Austria for a few weeks in June 2023 (52 views)
return to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Playa del Carmen Mexico, first JSX flight, Universal City studio tour in LA with a quick Colorado trip on the way home, lake days, UT baseball tailgates, Fredericksburg Beer Festival, Q2 2023 (46 views)
Great first visit to Monterrey, Mexico May 2023 (42 views)
Q1 2023 pics, my mexico place and 49th bday (59 views)
Winter lake days, New Braunfels, Brandon and Tina's wedding in Gruene, Trail of Lights, and other stuff Q4 2022 (62 views)
Last minute trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica to avoid the freeze in Austin, such a fun little surfer town. Staying at Harry's Escondite was great and I'll be back in 3 months, Dec 2022 (62 views)
Cozumel for Tina and Brandon's 50th, 30th high school reunion, UT football, lake days, getting rid of old stuff. 3rd quarter 2022 (64 views)
Great visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to see Jeff and KK, Don and Miriam, and other friends on the tail end of their trip, loved staying with them and at Casa Sunset, August 2022 (71 views)
lake days, first trip to Nashville, 48th birthday happy hour, Galveston, Q2 2022 (72 views)
Had a wonderful 48th birthday happy hour at BD Riley's after a 3 year covid hiatus. First time having it at the new pub since the original downtown closed. am fortunate to have so many caring friends. 2022 (86 views)
Q1 2022, winter boating, UT baseball, SXSW (57 views)
Amazing trip to Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta Mexico Jan 2022 (53 views)
4th quarter 2021, winter boating, UT campus, Driskill hotel, bought a place in Playa, Susanna visits, Bertram ranch, Grainger Lake farm for NYE (69 views)
Didn't get on a plane so I explored some trails close to the lake and then went to LBJ park, Enchanted Rock, and Fredericksburg for several days. So relaxing (77 views)
5 stops in Mexico, Cabo and Diamante with friends, San Jose del Cabo, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Cozumel, Oct 2021 (93 views)
plenty of lake time Q3 2021 (109 views)

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