I am an electrical engineer that graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May of 1996. I am very happy to be working in Austin and to make enough money that I can buy some of the toys you see here. Wherever you are in life, enjoy it but always strive for more!

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Other Stuff I Like
Living downtown: I moved to a place right on 6th street in downtown Austin in July 2000.  It is incredibly convienent to have about 50 bars within walking distance!  I've also started taking the bus to work since it's actually convienent for me.
Fast Cars: I drove a '91 Ford Escort GT for a couple years but the engine blew up so I had to buy a new car. It was a tough decision (not really) but I ended up with this new white 1997 Pontiac Trans Am with all the goodies (updated 2/24/98).
Car Stereos: My new car came with the 500 watt "Monsoon" stereo system. It's probably the best factory system I've ever heard but it still doesn't compare to a good aftermarket system. I replaced it with aftermarket stereo equipment from Clarion, Audio Control, HiFonics, Soundstream, MB Quart, and JL Audio. I did the installation myself.
More Car Stereos: I've also created a web site for helping people understand car stereo stuff better. I took a class on writing HTML and this was my final project. I did most of it one afternoon in about 5 hours so it's far from perfect but some people find it very useful.
Kegerator!: Beer is a good thing and more beer is an even better thing so I built a keg refridgerator out of an old fridge so I could have beer on tap 24 hours a day at my house.  On this page I've include a few more pictures and more details on how to make your own kegerator, one of the greatest ideas of all time!  (How can you go wrong with 165 and 1/3  12oz. beers ready for you at any time?)

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