Glad you stopped by to see what's been happening in my life. This page is the home index to most of the pictures I've taken with various digital cameras along with a few other interests of mine. Click on the descriptions or thumbnails to go the next index for that category of pictures. From there you can go to specific group of pictures and click thumbnails for the full sized image.

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Out of Town: I grew up in Sugar Land, TX just outside of Houston so I used go back there often but I've also been to Dallas a lot lately and Galveston to party as well. Cancun too!(Updated 2021-08-08)
Parties at my house: I used to rent a house in northwest Austin with Steve and Russ. We had over a dozen parties there which were a lot of fun. Now I live on 6th Street (Littlefield) so I can be close to all the action on 6th and 4th. Walking to bars rules!(Updated 2002-03-18)
Austin, TX: What's there to say about Austin? It's a great town to live in and we definitely do our share of supporting the local alcohol economy by going out to 6th street among other things.(Updated 2021-09-30)
What else I like: I do enjoy things other than drinking beer. I love this Trans Am that I bought in october of 96. I also enjoy listening to music on a good stereo so I've got decent ones in the car and house. Digital cameras are cool too. I've also created a web site to help people get started with car audio. Last but certainly not least I moved to downtown Austin right in the middle of the action on 6th street!(On this page:  digital camera info, my car, my pad, my car stereo, my car stereo web site, my home stereo, and the kegerator!)(Updated 3/18/00)
The Happy Hour Forum:If you're in Austin, TX, check out what our latest plans for happy hour are.  I take no responsibility for anything that is posted here!

Find out more about me at my personal bio page. (It's kinda bland right now).  Other stuff that didn't end up anywhere else is on the Random Stuff page or on the Short page.

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