I admit I'm pretty lazy about visiting people out of town. I figure they can come visit me in Austin and have a better time but this is what usually happens when I go out of town:

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Out of Town Partying
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Incredible trip to Lisbon, Portugal, Paris, a night in Frankfurt, and then a quick visit to Seattle to see Ayman, March 2017 (139 views)
Last minute trip to Ixtapa, Mexico! Dec 2016 (135 views)
Got really cold in Austin so went to Cabo! Dec 2016 (144 views)
Great 4 days in Dallas for TX/OU Oct 2016! (150 views)
Incredible day going to a Texans game in Houston. Thanks for everything Neil! Sep 18, 2016 (125 views)
Incredible 11 day trip to Hermosa Beach for a weekend, redeye to Belize for a week, and then a night in Houston for the 25th high school reunion of the class ahead of me. Aug 2016 (134 views)
Great trip to the Villa del Palmar in Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico, Feb 2016 (229 views)
Last minute trip to NOLA in a neighbor's jet, Feb 13 2016 (145 views)
Cabo for Don and Miriam's wedding! Oct 11th, 2015 (233 views)