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lake days, cancer pub crawl, June 2017 (10 views)
Nice trip to Cambridge and London, England June 2017 (17 views)
Lake days, volleyball, new BD Riley's in Mueller, May 2017 (23 views)
Jay and Kim visit, checking out the new BD Riley's in Mueller, lake days, Hoo ranch in Bertram, April 2017 (24 views)
Celebrating Luke and Alei's upcoming wedding by going to Cabo and right after my 43rd birthday, April 2017 (24 views)
lake days, March 2017 (23 views)
Incredible trip to Lisbon, Portugal, Paris, a night in Frankfurt, and then a quick visit to Seattle to see Ayman, March 2017 (24 views)
winter lake days, Austin breweries, volunteering on the trail, Brandon's birthday, Franciso's bus, Feb 2017 (16 views)
winter lake days, Lala's, Kate's visit, Sarah's 50th bday e-bike tour, Jan 2017 (7 views)
Trail of Lights, Otoko, a night at the Hoo ranch in Bertram, Dec 2016 (35 views)
Last minute trip to Ixtapa, Mexico! Dec 2016 (26 views)
Got really cold in Austin so went to Cabo! Dec 2016 (32 views)
lake day and others, Nov 2016 (35 views)
Oct 2016 (37 views)
Great 4 days in Dallas for TX/OU Oct 2016! (39 views)
Lake days, Texas winos party bus, Denver, Bay Area California, Sep 2016 (58 views)
Incredible day going to a Texans game in Houston. Thanks for everything Neil! Sep 18, 2016 (29 views)
Lake Days, Aug 2016 (49 views)
Incredible 11 day trip to Hermosa Beach for a weekend, redeye to Belize for a week, and then a night in Houston for the 25th high school reunion of the class ahead of me. Aug 2016 (39 views)
4th of July weekend on Lake Travis, Lexington and Boston Massachusetts, San Jose, and San Francisco, California, July 2016 (80 views)

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