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Had a wonderful 48th birthday happy hour at BD Riley's after a 3 year covid hiatus. First time having it at the new pub since the original downtown closed. am fortunate to have so many caring friends. 2022 (19 views)
Q1 2022, winter boating, UT baseball, SXSW (14 views)
Amazing trip to Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta Mexico Jan 2022 (20 views)
4th quarter 2021, winter boating, UT campus, Driskill hotel, bought a place in Playa, Susanna visits, Bertram ranch, Grainger Lake farm for NYE (19 views)
Didn't get on a plane so I explored some trails close to the lake and then went to LBJ park, Enchanted Rock, and Fredericksburg for several days. So relaxing (27 views)
5 stops in Mexico, Cabo and Diamante with friends, San Jose del Cabo, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Cozumel, Oct 2021 (40 views)
plenty of lake time Q3 2021 (59 views)
Awesome trip to Exuma Bahamas for Meaghan's 40th and Daryl's birthday late Sep 2021 with a great group of friends! (35 views)
Incredible first trip to Croatia july 2021. Explored Split, Dubrovnik, and Montenegro before taking a cruise where we stopped on a different island every day for big bike ride. Met some amazing people and will definitely go back! (46 views)
Some pics from 2nd quarter 2021 with a trip to Denver (57 views)
Another covid trip to Mexico, stayed at Playa Palms and then a nice penthouse at Mahekal with great friends, Jun 2021 (53 views)
3 stops in Mexico, March 2021. Amy's 50th in Cancun and checking out 2 places in Puerto Morelos for the first time (30 views)
Austin started opening some from covid the first quarter of 2021 (31 views)
Last minute trip to Mexico to avoid the cold weather in Texas, had no idea how crazy it ended up getting, Feb 2021 (47 views)
3rd Mexico trip of 2020 was great, spent a few weeks in Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres for the first time, and Cancun city. Fun to explore new places (46 views)
From Colorado to Mexico. Playa Palms Playa del Carmen and the Excellence Playa Mujeres. Sep 2020 (96 views)
Annual summer trip to Colorado, Aug-Sep 2020. So great to see friends and enjoy the beauty of the state (55 views)
Had to come back early from New Zealand because of covid-19. Crazy times. March 2020 to ??? (97 views)
Wonderful trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, July 2020. First trip in Covid-19 times. Very impressed by the procedures at the resort and it was great to travel with Sus, Will, and Meredith. Great time catching up with Ari in Boca Raton on the way home (73 views)
Australia and New Zealand are beautiful. Was a great 3 weeks but came back early because of corona virus. Will return to finish and it was so great to see Susanna. March 2020 (111 views)

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